• Error with Microsoft Silverlight Update

    Cleaning off old installers is not usually a big problem, most programs can still update even if an old installer is not present.  The same cannot be said for Microsoft Silverlight.  Having installed version 1.x back in early 2008, the installer had long since been deleted from their temp folder e:\ext37559\silverlight.msi.  All attempts to upgrade silverlight to version 2.0 failed.  It could not be removed or upgraded due to this file missing.

    So what do you do:

    1. Install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.
    2. Highlight Microsoft Silverlight, then select remove.
    3. if needed, type the following in a command prompt:
      reg delete HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftSilverlight /f
    4. Then delete the “Microsoft Silverlight” directory under program files

    This helped solve the update problem when the previous source had been removed.  Courtesy of: Bob Pomeroy’s Silverlight Blog
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