• Can Receive But Not Send Email

    There are a great many reasons a user may not be able to send email but can receive it just fine.  This will focus on some of the more common issues mostly involving Outlook and Outlook Express. Below are some common questions you can ask yourself to assist in troubleshooting:

    1. Has the ISP\email provider recently changed?
    2. Has the email account info been changed recently?
    3. Any system changes that have taken place?

    To troubleshoot #1, first check if your internet is even working then contact your email provider, perhaps they are having email issues (make sure you can answer the questions #2 and #3 to assist in support). Sometimes your email provider may not be your ISP, if this is the case it is possible your ISP requires all SMTP traffic to authenticate and relay through them and not your actual email provider. This has been the case with quite a few ISP’s to restrict SMTP traffic due to worm activity.  You should be able to get this information from your ISP technical support (Rogers and Bell usually require relaying through their SMTP) .  To check your SMTP authentication read this.
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