• Shell script to get all WordPress databases and URL’s

    Below you will find a simple script that you can use to find all the databases and URL’s associated to wordpress sites in a shared database. This script requires a SQL user with the ability to ‘show databases’ and access to the DB’s you want to query.

    The script grabs a list of all the databases on the server then loops through them all retrieving the URL from the wp_options table. The script also takes into consideration the fact the the table might not actually be wp_options (could contain some random characters) so we use a wildcard there.

    # mysql credential 
    # Get a list of all databases:
    all_dbs="$(mysql -u$user -p$pass -h$host -e "show databases;")"
    # Select each database from list, get the URL and write it to output.txt
    for db in $all_dbs
                    mysql -u$user -p$pass -h$host -D$db -e "Select option_value from %_options where option_id=1;" >> output.txt


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