• How to easily caption an animated gif

    So the challenge came up to add a caption to an animated gif without purchasing software and preferably without watermarks. While there are likely many ways of adding text to an animated gif, the all online solution we came up with works very well. Furthermore, as of this writing at least, there will be no watermarks on the resulting image either.

    The big problem when it comes to adding text to an animated gif is most tools open every single image contained in the gif, thus you can edit every image and hope that you can save it again in a working state with your caption.
    Then many free online tools that can do this like to watermark the image and charge you to have it removed in some cases. Here is our free solution for captioning an animated gif.

    The first step is to find the animated that you want to put the text onto, once you have it you head over to the http://online-image-editor.com site to edit your gif:

    Next you have to upload your file, duh.

    Once uploaded it is as easy as adding your text over top of the animated gif, saving your creation and you are all set.

    So what if you want to add caption, but above or below it and not on the animated gif itself. To do that you can follow these steps.

    Instead of uploading your gif image as the first step, select ‘create canvas’ in the bottom left on homepage. If you are already in the application select upload image to make a new canvas. When choosing a size you want to create a width that is the same width as your animated gif, BUT you want to make sure the height is set to a greater amount.

    Now that the new canvas is open, click wizard then choose overlay image to add your animated gif to the canvas. Position it how you like and add you text to the extra space you created. NOw save and you are finished making your own captioned animated gif.


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