• Good Routine for Spyware and Viruses Removal

    Here is a list of things you can do to help diagnose and fix problems associated with viruses and spyware.  Hopefully you have been running an anti virus program and have been keeping it updated, if not then these steps can probably help fix a spyware/virus problem.

    1. Go into Add/Remove programs, and remove all unwanted entries, and toolbars.  If you are not sure what something is, google it.
    2. Go into MSConfig (got to RUN and type: msconfig)>, go to startup tab, remove all unwanted and suspicious entries.
    3. Download Ad-Aware free edition (DO NOT INSTALL YET)
    4. Download Spybot S&D. (DO NOT INSTALL YET)
    5. Download Hijackthis (DO NOT INSTALL YET)
    6. Download ccleaner (DO NOT INSTALL YET)
    7. After all of these are downloaded, turn off  the System Restore feature then reboot into safe mode (hit F8 before the Windows screen).
    8. Install Adaware, and update manually.   Run it and remove all found entries.
    9. Install Spybot, and update manually. Run it and do the same.
    10. Run Hijackthis and if you are familiar with the entries, remove any unwanted entries. If not save the log file for later evaluation.
    11. Install CCleaner and run that
    12. Reboot system into regular windows,
    13. Run Hijack this again. There are things it won’t pick up in safe mode.  You can go to hijackthis.de and use their site for log evaluation.
    14. Finally go to security.symantec.com and run a virus scan.  Follow the directions for removing remaining bugs.
    15. Turn System Restore back on once clean.

    If you run into anything you can’t get rid of or need help with, just post here or contact us.


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