• VMware Fusion cannot connect to the virtual machine

    After having a MacBook pro crash and subsequently get repaired with a new logic board, we found that the virtual machines on the computer would not start at all. This problem started happening just before the computer fatally crashed before needing repair, but persisted after the logic board was replaced. The exact error VMware Fusion 2 gave us was, “Make sure you have rights to run the program and to access all directories it uses and rights to access all directories for temporary files”. Many solutions to this problem involve removing and reinstalling VMware Fusion.

    After uninstalling, deleting the remaining files and rebooting then reinstalling the latest version a few times (even as different users) we found that we had the exact same problem. We even tried reinstalling again using an older version of Fusion (version 1). We ran the verify and repair on both the disk and permissions with no success either.

    In order to run, virtual machines need access to the systems hardware and after an in depth investigation we really could not find what was wrong. The CrashReporter on the MAC was somewhat useful, it was showing:
    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIG_BUS)
    The full error log is here

    So it would appear Fusion no longer had access to the Kernel. We searched for a solution to this problem, but alas could not find anything. Before we wiped the system as a last resort, we ran the latest 10.5.7 update and miraculously all the VM’s were accessible again. We have concluded that when the hardware on the Mac Book Pro started to fail, it must have done something with the hardware access that VMware did not appreciate, although we do not know what it was. Th

    Our last resort was going to be a reinstall of the system which would have sucked, strangely enough the Mac update fixed the problem and didn’t break it further.


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