• Disposable Email Addresses

    So many times on the web you are asked for an email address when you would really prefer not to give it out. There are so many ‘one time use sites’ that once they get your address you are a victim of SPAM forever. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that could provide a temporary email address for sign ups? Well there is and they have existed for quite some time.

    Enter Melt Mail, a disposable email address service. Now they aren’t the only kids on the block, but I like them a lot.

    Melt Mail is fantastic and super simple! Never again do you have to give away your valuable email address, just go to Melt Mail, specify how long you would like the temporary address to exist (3, 6, 12, or 24 hours). Then give them your address and press create.

    This is a direct quote from the Melt Mail website:

    Have you ever downloaded a software, where you have to register with your e-mail to receive the activation-code or the download-link?

    Have you ever registered to a forum with your real e-mail, just to post one question?

    There are a lot of scenarios as such. And in every case, you give your real e-mail address and get tons of junk-mail as a thank you.

    With Melt Mail, you only give your unique Melt Mail address (which forwards to your own), get the desired information and after a defined period of time (the melting point) the Melt Mail address will be deleted.

    Anyone who gives out their actual email addresses deserves what they get. Just make sure before you use any forwarding site like Melt Mail, that you read their privacy policy.


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