• MAC OS Error code -6602

    A user was trying to connect to a windows network share and kept receiving MAC OS error code -6602.  Strangely enough there does not seem to be much useful information on this error so here is what we found.

    This error seems to relate to some sort of permissions error when communicating with the Windows network share from OS X.  In our case, the user was trying to access the following PC listed in our Active Directory:


    All of our computers on the network follow that same naming convention. Alas when the user would try to connect and authenticate to that specific computer, they would receive MAC OS error code -6602 upon submission of their password.  Strangely enough to circumvent this problem we simply changed the SMB connection to the server.  Changing it to:


    We also found that using the IP fixed the problem as well, but once the ‘normal’ naming is used, the problem returned. It is likely that some sort of caching of user credentials or connection settings is causing the problem but at least we got around it.  A firewall was not an issue as the internal file server does not run one, and little snitch on OS X was disabled.
    There is probably a better solution to MAC OS error code -6602, but that worked for us a few times.
    Another solution we had investigated is here. Our Windows Server was not throwing any errors in the event log when the MAC was receiving the -6602 error, but this may help out others.


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    • computeruser.ca

      I’m getting the same 6602 error using afp to connect to an AFP server on a Linux box that is running netatalk. The error only occurs trying to mount one sharepoint on the server. Other shares on the box mount just fine. The broken share appears to be configured exactly the same as those that work – same owner, group, permissions, AppleVolume definition, etc etc. I’ve checked everything I can think of. Clearly, something I haven’t thought of it preventing the connection.

      The 6602 error occurs with both Tiger and Leopard (Connect to Server…) so it’s not an OS incompatibility.

    • I can’t stand AFP. If possible, create a new share then copy the files you want to share (that you can’t access) to that newly created shared folder. Hopefully that will work. Our problem occurred Mac to PC, but if it is DNS that causes this then the protocol is probably not the issue…

    • Kinda late to the party, but I was having this issue writing an apple script to automatically mount my home network shares located on my NAS upon login to my Mac. One share just refused to mount with -6602 error. Its embarrassingly trivial but I had forgotten the case of the first letter in the network share name was significant. Once I changed it the script worked…often its the obvious thing!

    • I also found using the IP fixed the problem as well, but once the normal naming is used, the problem returns.

    • I had a similar issue with an existing share that stopped working reporting the same issue
      while other shares to the server worked fine from the mac

      I tried changing to server IP address – no help

      I went into the keychain manager and found one entery for JUST the server


      I changed it to domain\username – no help
      I then added another entry for 192.168.10.x
      so that there were two entries as follows

      one : username
      two: domain\username

      That fixed it – no server reboot

    • We just had this. Turned out to be my user account hadn’t been added to the NTFS permissions on that particular share (I wasn’t in the project group and on previous shares, I’d been added manually..

      Worked for us, may work for you…

    • Had same issue with a Mac OSX Server share.
      Solution: quick restart AFP service on the server.

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