• Error with Microsoft Silverlight Update

    Cleaning off old installers is not usually a big problem, most programs can still update even if an old installer is not present.  The same cannot be said for Microsoft Silverlight.  Having installed version 1.x back in early 2008, the installer had long since been deleted from their temp folder e:\ext37559\silverlight.msi.  All attempts to upgrade silverlight to version 2.0 failed.  It could not be removed or upgraded due to this file missing.

    So what do you do:

    1. Install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.
    2. Highlight Microsoft Silverlight, then select remove.
    3. if needed, type the following in a command prompt:
      reg delete HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftSilverlight /f
    4. Then delete the “Microsoft Silverlight” directory under program files

    This helped solve the update problem when the previous source had been removed.  Courtesy of: Bob Pomeroy’s Silverlight Blog

    Another solution has been used by Curt (below in the comments):
    This fixed my installation problem.
    click start, run. type “cmd” and hit enter.
    Locate the dir where silverlight.2.0.exe is
    run “silverlight.2.0.exe /x:c:\temp /u” to extract the files to c:\ temp.
    run c:\temp\install.exe to install Silverlight

    Thanks for the info Curt!

    Further to this solution by Curt, if the problem is with extracting the files from silverlight.2.0.exe. For example, you double click the installer and nothing seems to happen, or it starts to install then disappears, you can easily extract the install files out of silverlight.2.0.exe using a compression program such as winzip. This will allow you to extract the MSI which you can then use to install silverlight.


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    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! –
      I would like $1.00 for every key I have pressed to correct the Silverlight Update errors. I have tried almost every trick I in my book, without success. This is the first time I have had to use MSICUU. I have been a Microsoft follower since MS-DOS 3.0, and I have to say Bill and the boys/girls have really dropped the ball on this one. If the programme (????) had some value on my computer I may have a little more sympathy, but it hasn’t any value at all.
      Again, thanks for sharing your expertise Bob.
      I will check out you blog when next I have a Microsoft issue.

    • Thanks so much! I have grapled with this issue for weeks and now a quick fix worked like a charm. Yes!

    • Strange. I can find NO trace of Silverlight on my machine. Yes, i tried all the above. Still, microsoft Update site says it’s downloaded, and i merely have to click to install. I click, a box comes up that says, wait while file is being decompressed, i click on OK in the box and another box pops up saying Decompressed File Not Found. I have repeated this exerice a couple dz. times. I guess I can live without Silverlight. But there may be many more like me out there who are so stymied, the Mac is looking more and more attractive. Any suggestions for a fix?

    • Hi Kat,
      Try to not use Windows Update to install it after you have completely removed it. Get the installer for silverlight here then just double click the EXE

    • Thank you so much. It worked. I can now install Silverlight 2.0. Again thank you.

    • I am still having the same problem every time I try to install Silverlight:
      Error ID 1612
      I have cleaned the REG & Deleted any reference in my PC to Silverlight, but I’am still receiving the same error message.
      The Windows Install CleanUp Utility can’t find any installation of Silverlight.
      Help !
      What else can I do?

    • Is the user profile you are using the same user profile it was installed originally?
      Try creating a new user profile and installing it with that.

      The last person with a problem after doing these steps had a problem with the self extraction of the compressed files. After they manually extracted the MSI installer from the silverlight2 exe they were able to install it.

      I hope that helps

    • This fixed my installation problem.

      click start, run. type “cmd” and hit enter.

      Locate the dir where silverlight.2.0.exe is

      run “silverlight.2.0.exe /x:c:\temp /u” to extract the files to c:\ temp.

      run c:\temp\install.exe to install Silverlight

    • Is anyone else having trouble with Silverlight and Netflix??? Netflix has changed to Silverlight instead of using Windows Media Player. I have downloaded it several times and it will not allow my Neflix to instant play on my pc. Netflix says it Silverlights problem and not theirs. I have read on other sites of people having problems as well. Does anyone know how to fix it so the Silverlight will work???? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • what is one to do if once msicuu has been downloaded and you open it and run the install program “successfully” then why is it that when i open the application (if i can ever find it more than once) it does nothing?

    • i feel stupid :) Got it all figured out on my own. Thanks anyway.

    • Just wanted to say the info on this website was helpful, at least more than anything I found on any of Microsoft’s so-called “Troubleshooting” pages. I just started having trouble with the silverlight update downloaded by windows Update, and I got sick of seeing it always there, and always failing, so I decided to fix it–on one forum I saw, someone was getting ready to go get the sledgehammer…sounded good to me!

      Anyway, I downloaded and run the cleanup utility. Had a little trouble with regedit–I usually try to stay away from that stuff. The reg delete command listed above didn’t work for me, so I ran regedit to open the registry editor window. The “HKLM” threw me, until I realized that in the window, that means folder “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.” Ahh! Found the silverlight folder, deleted the keys. I also went through the other folders under Registry Editor, and deleted any keys related to silverlight that I found.

      Then went to My Computer, and found the MS Silverlight directory under Program Files…and ran into problems deleting it. There are two .dll files that I don’t have permission, even though I am logged in as the administrator, to delete. Hmmmph. Deleted everything that I could though, so I thought maybe I’d done enough to solve the pesky update error.

      So I tried downloading the latest version of silverlight from the official website. Did that with no problem. Then tried installing the silverlight update from windows update…and voila! It worked this time.

      What a fiasco…I don’t know if I had so many problems with this because this is Vista machine (I HATE Vista), or if it’s just me. I have three other machines running XP, and haven’t any problems with their updates. Of course, I didn’t even know what Silverlight was, or that it was on my computer…still not sure I really care, but at least I got rid of that stupid failure error!

      Anyway, thanks for putting me on the right path…I do appreciate it!

    • Thanks for all these tips, however, it did not solve the issue on my machine.

      I did install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, but it doesn’t show the silverlight ver 2.0.40115.0 that actually is installed on my Win XP sp3 machine (which has all the latest windows updates successfully installed).

      Being more than tired doing all this research I would now do a “hard” deinstallation thus deleting the directory and do a manual registry cleanup (very similar to Lisas approach), unless you would come up with yet another hint ;-) TIA.

      Regards, Ron

    • I did a dumb thing. I not only removed every folder related to Silverlight, but I went through the registry and deleted every key and subkey that had only silverlight related entries in it, including the HKCR entries. Now whenever I try to install ANY version of Silverlight, I get an error 1603. That doesn’t help because I think I removed entries that came with the OS to enable Win 7 to use silverlight at all. I checked the silverlight0.log and the silverlightmsi.log but I could not determine exactly what the problem was. Is there a document somewhere that has the correct default registry keys that have to be present before you start the installation?

    • Ouch, I should probably have mentioned that you should always backup your registry before modifying it…

      Sorry I do not know what any of the silverlight default registry keys are on Windows 7. Hopefully someone can post those up for you. I will also try to check the Windows 7 beta i have for you.

    • Well this was originally posted to help with silverlight 1 upgrade and doesn’t seem to help with a failed silverlight 3 upgrade. The manual cleanup sadly is probably the best approach if the cleanup utility is not doing the trick for you. Just make sure you backup your registry before you edit it.

    • Hey, I found this blog post while searching for help with fixing Microsoft Silverlight. I have recently switched browsers from Safari to IE. Now I seem to have a problem with loading websites that have Microsoft Silverlight. Everytime I go on a site that requires Microsoft Silverlight, my browser freezes and I get a “npctrl.dll” error. I can’t seem to find out how to fix the problem. Any help getting Microsoft Silverlight to work is greatly appreciated! Thanks

    • Have you tried uninstalling silverlight, then reinstalling it. That is usually the best thing to do first.

      Also you can try other browsers as well. Firefox tends to work fine while IE throws that error in many cases.

    • Juan Carlos Gonzalez

      Hi, I has the same problem with Silverlight (I can’t install this), and nothing works for me.

      Thanks to you I found the solution…

      1) Download Silverlight 3 from Microsoft web (is not a .exe, is a Self Extracting Application…)

      2) Uninstall previous versions of Silverlight (I don’t known if necessary use the Windows Install Clean Up (I use them)).

      3) Use WinRar and extract the “Silverlight 3” file in another folder.

      4) Open these folder and you’ll find a “silverlight” WinRar file. Extract this file in another folder .

      5) Open these folder and you’ll find a .msp file named “Silverlight”. Open these y you probably see the reason of the problem. In my case was a problem of permissions of keys in the registry (HKLM\Software\Microsoft… sorry I don’t remember more), I change the permissions of these keys and the problem was solved.

      Cheers =)

    • thank you!! ..:)

    • I have the same problem with a Windows 8 Silverlight installation. The MS Fixit doesn’t apply to Win 8. The Win Installer Cleanup does not include Win 8 as one of the platforms. There is no in/uninstaller anywhere on my system, so uninstalling is not an option through the Add/Remove Programs. Do you have any other suggestions?

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