• Crossover, IE6 and Flash on Mac

    Want to test a website in IE 6 on a MAC or Linux box?

    Start by going to codeweavers.com and download Crossover Mac or Crossover Linux.

    Once installed, you will launch it and install software.  For IE, once you choose install, you can select it from a list of applications that they have ready to deploy to a bottle.  By default, IE6 installs into a Windows 98 bucket.  Once this completes you have a working IE 6 on your MAC.

    The next step is to install the Flash 9 Active X control (Flash Player 9 for Unsupported Operating Systems) to the bottle so that we can see flash content.  Please note that Flash 10 is not compatible with a Windows 98 bottle, so do not try it.

    You now have a functioning IE6 browser with flash enabled on your Mac or Linux box.  Please note that it is not the ‘latest’ version of IE6, so if you need that this trick will not work for you and you should look at running a virtual machine instead.


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