• Canada’s Best Registrar, eh!

    People always seem to want to go with the less expensive option, and this can be a mistake.  Having registered hundreds of domains for clients, we have come to recognize easyDNS as Canada’s best registrar.  Not enough can be said for just how good they are!

    “easyDNS™ is the domain name registration and DNS management service that takes all of the confusion and hassle out of administering a domain name.”1

    So what makes them so great?

    1. They are located in Toronto, Ontario.  This means a lot to us as we like to support Canadian companies.
    2. For a low price, about $10 more, they provide reliable, redundant, secure and customizable DNS service.
    3. The best customer support of any registrar.  They are knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous.
    4. Very fast DNS updates.
    5. 100% Money back guarantee not matter what.

    It should be noted that they do NOT provide hosting services.  In this day and age where hosting services try to do everything, it is nice to have a resource that specializes strictly in domain management.   Imagine if your hosting service goes down or out of business.  You lose everything, domain, email, web, DNS, etc..  With EasyDNS as your domain registrar and DNS provider, you can prevent having all your eggs in one basket, and very quickly recover or redirect your services from the failed host.

    To not be completely biased though, we have also used these registrars.  They are good but are no EasyDNS (most of these offer hosting services as well if you want all eggs in one basket):

    • domainsatcost.ca – very cheap, good privacy service, free forwarding BUT not the most intuitive interface – issues picking up private DNS servers.
    • internic.ca – Decent interface but quite expensive for domain registration ($50 for .ca!!!).  Not worth the added cost
    • cadns.ca – decent price but VERY BAD interface.
    • Bell Canada – nothing good to say…


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